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Hepatica Art Quilt

Hepatica Art Quilt

SKU: Hepatica Quilt

Rag Hill Farm Art Quilt

Original Design by Jennifer Kapitulik

100% Cotton Quilting Fabric and Thread

Size: 35" x 40"


While walking through the woods near our home with my family, we came upon a cluster of Hepatica growing out of the fallen oak leaves.  The delicate purple flowers pushed  above the forest duff reaching for the sunlight that trickled down through the leafless branches. I designed this quilt from a series of photographs that I took and from the feeling that the encounter evoked. 


I created the quilt pattern with straight seams and paper piecing.  I sewed it with 100% cotton fabric and batting.  Then I free motion quilted the top of the quilt using different colored threads and patterns to highlight particular areas.  


There is a hanging loop and bar sewn at the back of the quilt so it's ready to hang on your wall.  Simply mark the placement of the eye hooks on the wall and hammer in finish nails.  Hang the eye hooks over the nails, stand back, and admire your families new quilt.  

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