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  • Where do you purchase your fabric from?
    We travel all over New England to independantly owned quilting shops, no chain stores for us, and buy fabric that inspires us. Good quality 100% quilting fabric.
  • Do you use a special insulation in your potholders?
    We don't like the crinkly feeling or sound that special insulation makes. We prefer to make our potholders out of several layers of cotton batting. Our potholders are think and feel good in your hand when using them.
  • Where does your fiber come from?
    We have been a fiber farm for the past twenty years, raising sheep, angora goats, angora rabbits, and a llama. As our business has grown our farm has grown smaller. So we support local farms by purchasing their fleeces to meet our demand. We skirt, wash, pick, and card all the wool ourselves. The silk and luxury fibers we import from sustainable sources. All the dying is done by us to create one of a kind colors inspired by the seasons.
  • How do you dye your wool?
    Our wool is dyed outside in big tubs or hand painted and steam set. We use Greener Shades Acid Dye that we mix into our own color combinations. These dyes contain no heavy metals. And the color - it penetrates the wool and shines!
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