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Henny Penny

Henny Penny

SKU: Henny Penny - Dark Blue

Rag Hill Farm Art Quilt

Original Design by Jennifer Kapitulik

100% Cotton Quilting Fabric and Thread

Size: 24" x 24"


One of the joys in my day is watching our chickens scratching and pecking about the yard.  Chickens have such a unique body shape and movement.  I designed this quilt with straight seams using the paper piecing technique.  It is a design that is fun to repelicate using different fabrics - creating a different result each time.


The quilts are machine sewn using 100% cotton fabric and batting. They are free motion quilted with diffent colored threads to add to the story of the quilt.  This quilt comes with a hanging loop and bar. Measure the distance between the eye hooks onto your wall, hammer in finish nails, and hang up your new quilt.

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