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Face Mask

Face Mask

SKU: rainbow/purple zigzag ST

Single Tie Face Mask with Nose Wire

Adult Size - Custom Fit

100% Cotton Fabric - Washable

Rag Hill Farm Orginal Design


Our customers say this is one of the best fitting masks out there.   Center the mask over your nose and press down gently to mold the wire to the shape of your face,  pull the ear loops over your ears and tug down on the ties for a custom fit,  secure the ties in a bow behind your head.  You only need to tie it once.  Easy on and off, and it hangs flat around your neck till it's needed.  Comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Made with two layers of 1oo% cotton quilting fabric.  The masks are reversable so you have two patterns to choose from.   Easy to wash and air dry.  

Great to have in your bag, car, office, and pocket so your always prepaired.

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