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Bloodroot Art Quilt

Bloodroot Art Quilt

SKU: Blood Root

Rag Hill Farm Art Quilt

Original Design by Jennifer Kapitulik

100% Cotton Quilting Fabric and Thread

Size: 34" x 35"


Early in the spring the hillside near our house bursts forth with the delicate white blossoms of the Bloodroot.  It is not util you disturb the roots of these beautiful spring ephemerals that the red sap is apparent. 


This is an original pattern designed with curved and straight seems.  It is machine sewn, pieced and quilted using 100% cotton fabric and batting.  Free motion quilting utilizes different patterns and thread colors to highlight different aspects of the image.  


There is a hanging loop and bar sewn on the back so the quilt is ready to hang.  Simply mark the wall the distance of the eye hooks, hammer in some finish nails, and hang up you new quilt.  

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